Why Learn HTML?

Why learn HTML?

Given that tools such as Dreamweaver exist, and allow you to create web pages without knowing HTML, you might ask “why learn HTML?” There are several reasons:

  • Dreamweaver does not always do what you want. To get the page to look right, you often need to hand code some HTML.
  • You will become a better web designer. Learning HTML and how a web site is built will give you the advantage of understanding how to design a better site for your client.
  • You will get paid more if you know HTML. It is a simple fact. Web design companies want people who can hand code HTML. This is because you will be a more flexible employee if you can do lots of things. In addition, larger web site projects often require that the pages have special HTML codes inserted into the web page, and tools like Dreamweaver won’t be able to do this.
  • If you want to use JavaScript, you need to know HTML. The most interesting web pages often use JavaScript to make them interactive. Before you can learn JavaScript, you need to understand HTML and be comfortable coding.

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