Web Hosting

If you’re interested in designing websites professionally, in addition to securing a domain name, you need to purchase a web hosting plan.

A domain name and a basic hosting package is typically all you need.

Beware of the multiple attempts companies will make to sell add-on services when you register your domain name and buy your web hosting. Normally you don’t need any additional add-ons.

To get started, the minimum plan through GoDaddy​ is a good choice.

Unless you need language support for asp.net or another Windows based product, I recommend the Linux/Unix platform instead of Windows for your web hosting.

Other features to be aware of:

Disk space: Total amount of usable space that you’re allotted on the web hosting company’s servers. If you plan to use a lot of video on your site, it may be best to have unlimited disk space.

Data Transfer/Bandwidth: This is the total amount of data that you can transfer to or from your website per month. Most web hosting plans offer plenty of bandwidth for new websites.

1-Click Installs: This feature is ideal because it makes it very easy to install software like WordPress with one click .

Multiple Domains: Hosting services vary in the number of domains you can host with the plan. If you think you’ll have multiple sites (e.g. mycompany.com, mypersonalsite.com, etc.) be sure the hosting service allows you to host more than one domain.

Speed: The lower cost hosting services put your website on a “shared” server with a bunch of other websites. If those other websites have a lot of traffic, this can slow down your website. An option is to pay for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which isolates you from other website traffic and provides more reliable service.

If you have a commercial site that generates revenue, a VPS is recommended.

When signing up for web hosting, specify a password and a login name. Please make note of all login and password information, You might be given a separate login and password for your domain registration and for web hosting. This information is important and will be required to login onto your server.

Please write everything down and keep any confirmation emails you receive from the companies in a place where you can find them!

revised 10/31/17

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