The Basics of HTML

The Basics of HTML

This video tutorial covers the basics of HTML, what is HTML? Basic Tags, Anatomy of HTML tag, and demonstrates how to code a basic HTML page using a simple text editor like TextEdit.

Keep the following in mind

  1. Organize your files correctly from the very beginning. Reorganizing later on will create a mess.
  2. Use all lowercase letters or numbers for folder names.
  3. Be sure to have two main folders: “final_web’ and “source_files”
  4. The html page should be named “index.html”
  5. Don’t save your html file as a .txt file or the browser won’t read it correctly.
  6. Your index.html and .css files should be in your final_web folder
  7. The folder for the images should be named “images,” and all of your images must be inside your “images” folder.
  8. The images folder must be in the “final web” folder.
  9. Be sure to include an external .css file, the CSS file should be linked in the header of your HTML.
    <link href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />
  10. Remember to compress your images for the web. You images should be smaller in weight than 500k.

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