How to Create a Site Map

Here’s a short video on how to create a site map.

Keep the following in mind

  1. Add the name of the website and date as the title for the site map.
  2. Avoid including a splash page, this is less common in contemporary sites.
  3. Be sure to include lines connecting pages to sub-pages. (Refer to the sample site map in the video)
  4. Draw a symbol that looks like one page on top of another to represent multiple pages
  5. Include a page (box) at the end of the horizontal line instead of the long line leading to nothing.
  6. Clean up the meeting point of the vertical and horizontal lines for each page (box). Make it pretty!
  7. Don’t forget the alpha-numerical labeling: A, A.1, B, B.1, C, C.1 etc. See the site map in the video.
  8. Normally, you draw the map so all the sections appear on the same horizontal line.
  9. Normally, you draw the boxes so they are similar in size.
  10. Save the site map as a .pdf

Example of a Site Map


PDF of the sitemap shown above.


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