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Design Process [Infographic]

This infographic outlines the milestones important to the design process and is helpful in understanding the basic phases of the process for web design and development.

Web Design Comp Checklist

When creating a design comp, there are many things to think about and ways to make your design stronger and more effective. Below is a list of things to double check before finalizing your design comp.

Navigation Basics

Good web designers must know how to design successful navigational interfaces for the web. So how do you start when thinking about designing a navigational system?

Web Typography

Web typography Traditional print designers have a huge amount of options available to them when it comes to typography, including the sheer numbers of fonts available, and options for positioning text. Typography on the web is a lot more limited, because we must design using

The Basics of Web Design

Web Design Basics The basics of web design can be simplified into 5 subjects: the grid, color palette, navigation, design principles, and typography.

Preparing Design Comps

The visual design of your site should be created as a digital file in Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard for creating design comps for the web.

Monitor Resolution

Your website will be displayed on screens with a variety of resolutions — from mobile devices with small screen dimensions to large desktop monitors set to 1024 x 768 and beyond.