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The Basics of Web Design

Web Design Basics The basics of web design can be simplified into 5 subjects: the grid, color palette, navigation, design principles, and typography.

History of the Internet

A motion graphics piece about the history of the internet that’s not only informative, it’s also well-designed.

Technical Production

Once the client has “signed off” on the design for the website, you can now get started on building the website in HTML/CSS. Notice that testing the site is necessary throughout the entire process of the technical production. Study the design comps (created in Photoshop),

Preparing Design Comps

The visual design of your site should be created as a digital file in Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard for creating design comps for the web.

Web Design Process

There is a defined process for designing websites that is different than designing for any other medium.

Monitor Resolution

Your website will be displayed on screens with a variety of resolutions — from mobile devices with small screen dimensions to large desktop monitors set to 1024 x 768 and beyond.

Web Hosting

If you’re interested in designing websites professionally, in addition to securing a domain name, you need to purchase a web hosting plan.

Domain Name Registration

Choose a domain name If you’re interested in designing websites professionally, you need to build your own website. In order to do so, first register your domain name and purchase a web hosting plan.

File Organization

File Organization, also know as Website Directory Structure. When building a website, it’s essential to create a directory (folder) structure correctly at the very start of your project.